Meet Dr. Sanchez

Dr. Sanchez is a Board Certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery. After being away for 10 years of training, Dr. Sanchez is delighted to be back in Baton Rouge to serve his hometown. His practice provides a wide range of surgical procedures cosmetic surgeries of the breast, face, neck, and body.

Dr. Sanchez understands that plastic surgery is a personal journey for each patient, and in order to provide safety and the best possible outcome, his surgical techniques and treatment modalities must be tailored according to their specific needs. He and his team are committed to quality personal service, patient confidentiality, and great results.

Specialities & Expertise

Dr. Sanchez received training in cosmetic surgery, complex reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, as well as hand surgery. At his practice, Dr. Sanchez focuses on cosmetic surgeries of the body, face, breast, and skin for women and men.



Dr. Sanchez graduated summa cum laude from Louisiana State University with a degree in Biological Sciences. While he attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, LA, Dr. Sanchez was selected to be in the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society based on his excellent academic performance, professionalism, leadership, research activities, and services to the community. From there, Dr. Sanchez was chosen among the nation’s top medical students for a highly competitive six-year plastic and reconstructive surgery residency program at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. During his residency, Dr. Sanchez rotated within many well-respected hospitals in Texas: John Sealy Hospital, Shriners Burn Hospital for Children, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, St. Joseph Medical Center, The Cronin-Brauer Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic at Shriners Hospital, and Houston Methodist St. John Hospital.

Dr. Sanchez was Board Certified in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in 2017.

Family & Hobbies

As a proud Baton Rouge native, Dr. Sanchez excitedly brought his family back to his hometown to begin his practice. During his residency in Texas, Dr. Sanchez and his wife, Stephanie, were blessed with two beautiful children, Mason and Anna Katherine. Since returning to Baton Rouge in 2016, they have welcomed twin sons, Oliver and Henry. Dr. Sanchez has always considered himself a family man, and he and his family enjoy spending time together outdoors fishing, hunting, or playing a round or two of golf.


Interest in Form & Function

Dr. Sanchez attributes his curiosity into art, form and function to countless time as a child spent with his grandfather in their wood shop. His grandfather, a master carpenter, taught him the importance of hard work, preparation, and attention to detail. According to Dr. Sanchez, he uses these skills from his grandfather every day as a plastic surgeon.


It was Dr. Sanchez’s experience growing up with a mother battling a chronic illness that first sparked an interest in medicine.  Observing the daily struggles of his mother and her determination to provide for her family instilled within him compassion, ambition, and a will to persevere.  Dr. Sanchez’s early and personal exposure to medicine serves as a foundation to the care and personal dedication given to every patient. 

Medical Privileges

Our Lady of the Lake

Baton Rouge’s award-winning hospital, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, offers first-class surgical care service.

Baton Rouge General

Dr. Sanchez is honored to have medical privileges the Baton Rouge General Medical Center, in the heart of Louisiana.

Woman's Hospital

You can trust your care to Woman’s Hospital, as the surgeons perform 7,510 successful surgeries annually for women and infants in Baton Rouge, LA.




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