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Patients who come to our Baton Rouge plastic surgery office to receive BOTOX (manufactured under the name Botulinum Toxin Type A) injections come back regularly because they love this product so much. Once it is introduced into the skin with an ultra-fine needle, BOTOX relaxes facial wrinkles in the forehead region and around the eyes (crow’s feet). Part of BOTOX’s appeal is that great results are achieved with no surgery needed. Baton Rouge plastic surgeon, Dr. Erick Sanchez, personally injects his patients with a BOTOX dose, which will last for three to four months. It is one of the most trusted and well-known wrinkle refinement products on the market today. Millions of happy patients across the nation getting BOTOX injections have smoother, softer and younger looking skin.


During the initial consultation, the forehead will be assessed so that the appropriate amount of BOTOX can be determined. Wrinkle location, depth and quantity will help determine the appropriate dosage. Most patients require anywhere between 1-3 syringes of the medication. During the same in-office appointment, the forehead will be marked with ink so that during treatment it will be known where the injections will go. The patient will feel a small prick as the injection is made through the skin by a fine syringe. Discomfort is minimal, but it is controlled with cold compression.

After Treatment

After their BOTOX treatment, patients are able to return to their normal activities. There will be some mild swelling and redness, but this is minimal and goes away within 3-4 hours. It is important for patients to sleep upright the first night following their injections, and exercise should be avoided for 24 hours. Results following BOTOX are most apparent around day 5-7. At this time, patients will notice that their foreheads are smoother and that wrinkles will have decreased significantly. They will feel younger and feel that their appearance has a new brighter glow!

Expected Cost

Most plastic surgery practices charge about $350-$400 for one full syringe of BOTOX. Some patients will require multiple syringes depending on the severity of wrinkles, so the price will vary by patient. In addition, it is important to note that the majority of our patients return for additional treatments about every 3-4 months.


Get Your Facial Glow Back

BOTOX is a fantastic way to look softer and younger without surgery. Men and women who wish to decrease facial wrinkles and lines may be candidates for this treatment. Results will last for several months, and sometimes longer for many of our patients. If you are ready to try out the injection that has changed the lives of millions of people, call our office today and talk to our staff about the wonders of BOTOX!


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