Laser Treatments – Baton Rouge, LA

Traditionally, CO2 lasers have been used in the skincare industry to treat age spots, wrinkles, acne scars, and other aesthetic issues. However, while effective, this treatment has been associated with certain risks and considerable downtime. Dr. Erick Sanchez is now introducing CoolPeel, a brand-new technique that makes it possible to leverage the efficiency of traditional laser resurfacing but without the risks and downtime.

How Does CoolPeel Work?

CoolPeel laser treatments employ the SmartXide Tetra CO2 laser tech. The advanced technology enables the provider to control the output and deliver high energy in very short pulses. This in turn delivers impressive skin resurfacing (superficially) without lingering heat damaging the surrounding skin. By eliminating unnecessary heat, this technique also minimizes the risks of demarcation, hyperpigmentation, and induced infection.

Results After CoolPeel Laser Treatment

Our patients start to notice improvements about a week after their treatment session. At this time, collagen production is stimulated and skin resurfacing is taking place. Improvements are evident as the outermost layer of dull and managed skin cells are replaced with new, healthy cells. Patients with texture issues, age spots, sun damage, and pigmentation will continue to see improvements as healthier skin continues to reveal itself.